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Department of Psychiatrist

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental,
emotional and behavioral disorders.
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (an M.D. or D.O.) who specializes in mental health, including
substance use disorders. Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of
psychological problems.
People seek psychiatric help for many reasons. The problems can be sudden, such as a panic attack, frightening hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, or hearing "voices." Or they may be more long-
term, such as feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anxiousness that never seem to lift or problems

functioning, causing everyday life to feel distorted or out of control.

Psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy, is a treatment that involves a talking relationship between a therapist and patient. It can be used to treat a broad variety of mental disorders and emotional difficulties..

Other treatments are also sometimes used. Electro convulsive therapy (ECT), a medical treatment that involves applying electrical currents to the brain, is used most often to treat severe depression that has not responded to other treatments. Deep brain stimulation (DBS), vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), and trans cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) are a few of the newer therapies being used to treat some mental disorders.

Dr.Sangeeta Datta

Consultant Psychiatrist at GATE Hospital.

She will be counselling all mental problems, which people faces in their daily life, be it any drug abuse, stress factors, depression among children, abusive relationship and other types of diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson's disease etc.