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General & Laparoscopy Surgery

At Gate Hospital, our surgeons are highly trained in the safe, effective use of the laparoscopic technique. 
This is a minimally invasive method of surgery that may be applied to a number of procedures that we offer, 
including Gall Bladder surgery, Incisional hernia repair, and solid organ surgery. 


Many traditional urologic surgical procedures require large incisions with lengthy hospitalization and recovery. Minimally invasive surgery, also often known as laparoscopic or keyhole surgery to patients, has recently been developed in the field of urologic surgery with the advancement of engineering and computer technologies...


Our Highly Experienced Orthopaedic team has expertise in Diagnosis and Treatment of various Complex Ortho disorders including Limb Surgery, Trauma, Bone Diseases and other Complex Congenital conditions.

Emergency & Trauma Care

The Emergency & Trauma Care division at GATE Hospital, constitutes a team of highly specialised physicians & surgeons. Critically ill patients due to sickness, or patients who are injured severely by life-threatening events

Day Care Treatment & Surgery

For many minor procedures or treatments, patients can avoid overnight hospitalization. At GATE Hospital, we provide day care services for all kinds of surgeries, endoscopy, preventive health programs and even certain types of outpatient antibiotic therapy. Our dedicated surgical daycare suite allows patients quick and efficient single point admission, treatment and discharge...


Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system.

Physicians specializing in the field of neurology are called neurologists and are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with neurological disorders.

Most neurologists are trained to treat and diagnose adults.

Pediatric neurologists, nearly always a sub specialty of pediatrics, treat neurological disease in children.

Neurologists are also involved in clinical research, clinical trials, as well as basic research and transnational research...