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Day Care Laparoscopy

Being one of the common gastrointestinal surgical emergencies, appendicitis consumes a significant portion of our hospital resources and affects the routine life of the entire family of the patient. If we can reduce the hospital stay and send the patient home as early as possible without sacrificing safety, we could minimize the use of hospital resources and the disruption of the household. The ability to provide high quality and cost effective care has made outpatient surgery one of the fastest growing areas in our health care delivery system and the ability to perform more extensive operations on an outpatient basis has focused increasing interest on outpatient (ambulatory) anaesthesia. Simultaneously, laparoscopy has fulfilled the requirements of day care surgery. To the best of our knowledge, no formal trials of the efficacy and safety of day care laparoscopic appendectomy have been performed in tertiary government institutions in our country where proper staff and setup are not available. We proposed to standardize same day discharge after laparoscopic appendectomy, making it the usual and customary pathway. We studied prospectively the outcomes of and patient satisfaction with day care laparoscopic appendectomy.

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